Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3

The Eagle F1 GS-D3 is Goodyear's ultra-high performance tyre incorporating technology acquired through the development of the Eagle Aquatro Formula 1 rain tyre and adapted to meet the requirements of road vehicles.

1) The tyre's main characteristics are its striking appearance with its sweeping directional tread design and exceptional levels of grip and steering response.

2) The directional tread design features grooves which follows the natural flow pattern of water thereby assuring that water is evacuated via the quickest and most efficient path.

3) The tread pattern features a tread shift arrangement which means that no two blocks enter the tyre's footprint at the same time. This means significant reductions in noise frequency levels.

4) The silica based tread compound allows the tyre to achieve exceptionally high levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions, improving wet braking, rolling resistance (and therefore fuel consumption) and roadholding at speed.

5) The Eagle F1 features a multi-radius tread contour which helps provide even pressure distribution across the road contact surface of the tyre, thereby maximising the amount of rubber in contact with the road. A further benefit is high levels of vehicle control, even at high speeds.

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A technological breakthrough from the world's largest tyre company - Goodyear - has resulted in a road tyre which is as close as you can get to race tyre performance. This is because the revolutionary "continuous tread" design for their new flagship tyre - the ultra high performance Eagle F1 - provides unprecedented levels of contact with the road.

Goodyear is famous for its industry firsts - including the first tubeless tyre, the first Z speed rated tyre, the first original equipment run flat tyre - the EMT - and the first energy-saving car tyre to be made partly from corn - the GT3.

Now, thanks to Goodyear's unrivalled expertise in world championship motor racing - including 368 Grand Prix victories - the new Eagle F1's unique tread design combines the characteristics of dry "slicks" with those of wet race tyres.

The result is a product which is perfect for high performance vehicles and custom/tuned cars - providing drivers with superior grip and agile handling, both on dry and wet roads.

This successor to the award-winning Eagle F1 - firmly established as a landmark tyre in the high performance sector - was actually designed by Goodyear's former chief engineer of Formula 1 Racing tyre development Andy Weimer.

Top of the list of innovations featured in the new tyre is what Goodyear call their OneTRED technology. This extends the familiar V-shaped directional tread design of the old Eagle F1 to provide continuous channels from the solid centre rib right through to the shoulder block.

Goodyear's communications manager Ron Pike explained: "If you look on conventional tyres, the horizontal grooves in the tread are usually interrupted by cross groove patterns. This means the contact between the tyre surface and the road is broken at regular intervals.

"But with the new Eagle F1, the tread runs uninterrupted from shoulder to shoulder - like a racing slick - and this ensures that in both straight driving and cornering, there is always a very large contact area with the road."

Another benefit of the tread design is the advanced anti-aquaplaning characteristics created by the wide drainage grooves.

The centre section - which also runs continuously - ensures a very direct and "sporty" steering behaviour. The large shoulder area ensures vehicles can cope well with aggressive cornering.

What's more, the tread pattern reduces road noise.

Another great feature of the new F1 is the rim flange protector. A rubber lips protrudes over the edge of the wheel rim to protect it from curb damage.

"I'm sure this feature will be much applauded by motorists with expensive alloys wheels on their vehicles," added Ron.

The Eagle F1 is immediately available in 34 sizes for 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 21 inch rims - to serve the majority of high performance vehicles in the UK. More sizes will be available later, including a run-flat (EMT) version.

Ron pointed out: "The former Eagle F1 is still held in the highest regard by high performance car drivers throughout the UK.

"But all I can say is, if you think that tyre's impressive, wait till you experience the new Eagle F1. It outperforms its predecessor in every area - performance, handling and even treadlife.

The Eagle F1 GS-D3 is Goodyear's Max Performance radial that was developed in Europe for driving enthusiasts around the world who want more performance from their factory stock or aftermarket tuned sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans.

On the outside, Eagle F1 tires feature Goodyear's AAtrax tread compound moulded into a distinctive wet weather racing-derived OneTRED directional tread design. And while the AAtrax tread compound's name emphasizes the fact that the Eagle F1 GS-D3 earns the highest "AA" Uniform Tire Quality Grade wet traction rating, Goodyear's OneTRED design combines three distinct patterns in the tread design to enhance dry and wet performance. A solid and continuous centre zone maintains constant road contact to enhance straight-line tracking and initial steering response. Next, sweeping intermediate power transfer bridges use "virtual rib" technology to emulate racing slicks by delivering shoulder-to-shoulder tread contact to further enhance steering response and dry road cornering traction. Then sweeping aquachannel grooves, which are three times longer than the tire's contact patch, angle forward and out to the edges of the tread to avoid trapping air and water between the tire and the road to reduce noise while enhancing wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. And finally, the virtual ribs flow into the shoulder area to form long, stable shoulder blocks to grip the road during cornering and help resist the wear associated with aggressive driving.

On the inside, twin high-tensile steel belts are reinforced with spirally wound nylon to distribute the vehicle's load across the tire's footprint to provide high-speed durability and uniform ride qualities. Slightly angled body ply construction with high ply turn ups enhance steering precision and high-speed stability while exterior sidewall rim flange protectors help guard wheels from curb damage.

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tires feature subtle black letters reversed out of a stylized black sidewall, and are available in a wide range of V-, Z- or Y-speed rated sizes in 55-, 50-, 45-, 40-, 35- and 30-series sizes for 15" through 21" rim diameters.