Other Pics (not only Audi's)

Some of my favourite pics

Tony Worswick at Pembrey

Me in action at the Bill Gwynne Rallyschool Our instructor, Ian Beveridge & my friend Graeme Bob Fowden airborne at Eppynt Ken Horseman at Eppynt

Unknown Avenger @ Dixie's, Eppynt Phil Collins at Eppynt      
My S2 as drawn by my son        
My other hobby

Corally F1

Tamiya NSX Kyosho Lazser based Audi quattro Tamiya Subaru Tamiya Boomerang based 6R4

Tamiya A4 quattro

Kyosho Lazer ZX TTech Streetwise Honda Accord TTech Predator

Tried to make this Schumacher SST look like my CQ20V

Tamiya Audi R8R Schumacher CAT 2000 - won most of my trophies with this