Useful Part Numbers (Coupe quattro 20V)



Part Number


 Syntha Silver Semi Synthetic Engine Oil  Specialist Cars, Kirkcaldy (VW Dealer)  ZGB115QLB00406
 Oil Filter (VAG)  VAG (GSF Car Parts)  056 115 561G
 Engine Water temperature Sender Unit  Eurocarparts  034 919 369C
 Spark Plugs (Bosche F6LTCR)  Bosche (GSF Car Parts)  058 VAG F6LTCR
 Air filter element  K&N (GSF Car Parts)  035 129 999
 Air guide for air cleaner  VAG Parts (independant specialist)  054 133 357A
 Idle stabilizer valve    034 133 455A


 Ignition Lead Set  GSF Car Parts  905 QHT 053
 Distributor Cap  GSF Car Parts  034 905 207B
 Rotor Arm  GSF Car Parts  052 905 225C


 Hydraulic Mineral Oil  GSF Car Parts (Paisley)  G002000
 Wheel Bearing (front)  GSF Car Parts  443 407 625A


 Lucas DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid  Lucas Services UK (Kirkcaldy)  PFB501
 ABS Sensor  VAG Parts (independant specialist)  893 927 803A
 Heavy duty Handbrake springs  Ford (Laidlaw - Dundee)  6141147 & 6141148
 Brake disc (vented)  Zimmerman (GSF Car Parts)  895 615 301B
 Brake disc (rear)  Zimmerman (GSF Car Parts)  8A0 615 601
 Brake pads (front)  Pagid (GSF Car Parts)  447 698 151A
 Brake Pads (rear)  Pagid (GSF Car Parts)  4D0 698 451A


 Front Shock Insert   Boge Turbo Gas (GSF Car Parts)  893 413 503Q
 Strut top mounting  GSF Car Parts  8A0 412 323D
 Tie Rod End  GSF Car Parts  811 419 812A
 Wishbone bushes  GSF Car Parts  8A0 407 181
 Rear Differential Bush  VAG Parts (independant specialist)  895 599 125


 Brake Accumulator (Bomb)  All Audi (independant specialist)  893 612 061C
 Brake Servo    441 612 101B
 Servo adaptor rod    443 611 105
 Hydraulic Pump    034 145 165X
 Please note that this information is meant as a guide but the author will not accept any liability for wrong numbers given. These numbers are those provided by the supplier for parts purchased for my car (1989 CQ20V) and have not been verified by Audi.