Porsche Brake Upgrade

The S2 is a superb car but it is well known that it is lacking in the brake department. The 276mm discs and two piston calipers are identical to those found on the CQ20V. However, the S2 has 60 bhp more and an extra bucket or two of torque so really needs a bit more stopping power.

Various upgrade kits are available but most cost an arm, leg and a kidney too. However, thanks to my good friend Mike Dewar, I managed to get my upgrade at a bargain price after he did much of the research into this (see here). My Insurance company did not hike the premium too much after I explained it was for improved safety!

These are off a Porsche 911 (993) Carrera 3.6
Bolts for Mounting Bracket/Caliper Audi Reference N 100 880 01 / N 100 436 02
There are two pairs of bolts used for each side. The short bolt secures the bracket to the car and the long bolt fits through the caliper and secures the caliper to the bracket.

Mounting Bracket Audi Reference 8A0 615 125 A
This is a custom mounting bracket used for the RS2 which allows the Porsche caliper to be mounted on to the existing S2 suspension. The same part is used on both sides of the car.
Anti-Squeal Damping Washer Audi Reference 8A0 615 231 D
This inserts into the pistons and is stuck to the rear of the pad. This is to help with brake noise. There are 4 of these in total.

Brake Pads (Porsche Ref 993 351 939 01 - GSF Ref P64029)
I obtained my pads from www.gsfcarparts.com and are their reference 64029. I could have used RS2 pads but these are narrower than the Porsche pads so would have a slightly reduced working life.
Brake Hose/Pipe Audi Reference 811 611 775
The choice here was to run solid RS2 pipes but these have no flex which is a concern for me. I could have had custom braided hoses made and this may be a future upgrade but for now, I have gone with Mike's tried and tested set up of Audi hose (811 611 775 - M10 x 200mm - female fitting both ends) which has been converted to work with the Porsche caliper by fitting a short (approx 2 inches long) right angled brake pipe into one end.



Brake Disc (Audi reference 441 615 301 AA - GSF Ref 60295)
Again, these were sourced from www.gsfcarparts.com and are their reference XXXXXX. The stock disc is 314mm but I had to have this turned down to 304mm, the same as the Porsche 993 to suit the calipers (thanks Graeme).  However, as Mike points out on his site (www.s2-audi.co.uk) it is only 30mm thick so I need to watch pad wear.
I do not race my car on a track so I very much doubt overheating due to the thinner disc will ever be a problem.




Many many thanks to Mike Dewar for fitting these for me (due to an injured shoulder I was not much help). A short test drive afterwards confirmed that the S2 should have had brakes of this caliber as standard.
 Please note that this information is meant as a guide but the author will not accept any liability for wrong part number or incorrect fitting if you should copy this. These are the part numbers I've used and it has worked for my car. Brakes are safety critical items and should not be treated lightly.