The project - code name "Happy Daze"

This is how it looked on day 1 - The V6 filling the engine bay
Not only did the engine have to come out but the wiring loom had to be changed also along with the ECU
Dismantling the V6 ready for it's removal.
Out with the old
Prior to fitting the new engine, the engine mounts had to be removed and relocated in the right position.
Mounts in place, it was time for a clean down and tidy up in preparation for the new power unit.
Everything cleaned and painted in readiness.
In with the new
The cambelt and water pump were renewed at the same time being as everything was stripped down and accessible. It was now time for the installation of all the ancillaries and loom
The battery was at the front of the engine bay in the V6 - however, this is where the 5 cylinder radiator lives so the battery was moved to the rear as per the S2 Avant.
A first class job!
With everything now in place - note the colour coded cam cover.
The 7A Engine in all it's glory.
And finally
These are the guys who made this possible - Thank you!