It really is true that once you've had quattro, you never want to be without it. Well, after 2 years of being quattro-less, I have just bought another, a 1995 Audi 80 quattro Avant!

This started out with the 2.6litre V6 engine and although I've owned and driven several Audi's, I had never driven a V6 before. I collected the Car from a good friend in Wiltshire and drove it back up the motorway. This is a very refined car and shows how far ahead of the game Audi were in the 90's. The engine at motorway speeds is almost silent and it simply eats the miles. The sports seats are extremely comfortable and the suspension is firm enough no to wallow yet soft enough to be comfortable. Remember, this is a full 5 seat estate car and not a sports car.

However, my love has always been for the 5 cylinder Audi's and so I only drove it as far as Warrington where some very talented friends have removed the V6 and installed a 7A engine (they are infinitely more experienced at this than myself). This has made this car an excellent all rounder for my requirements. It has all the practicality of the Avant, the safety and security of quattro drive and the superb soundtrack of the 7A engine. It won't be as powerful as my former S2 but I have never been a speed freak and with 170 bhp it will be quick enough whilst retaining respectable economy. This certainly has the potential to be a very enjoyable car!

With the engine change now complete, the remaining plans are relatively minor. First off will be a considerable amount of elbow grease to bring the paintwork up to scratch. The S2 bumpers will be transferred from my previous 80 as will the competition alloys. Then as opportunities and funds allow, I would like a custom stainless exhaust (I cannot forget the sound of my first CQ20V with a stainless system), projector headlamps and maybe some uprated brakes. It will not be lowered as the roads around where I live are more akin to rally stages than race tracks!

After that it will be sit back and enjoy the drive.

Watch this space as they say


Project Happy Daze

Work Done


Acquired the car via AOC member (Thanks Alan) January 2010
Modified car insurance sourced (Thanks to Hibby, Ollie & Luke) February 2010
V6 replaced with i5 20v (Thank you Eric, Chris, Allan & Dylan) April 2010
MOT passed April 2010
First drive May 2005