The 2309c.c, 20 valve (7A engine) Coupe quattro was launched in 1989 at a cost of 23,202. It was fitted with 15" Speedline wheels as standard with 205/60 V rated tyres. The body was fully galvanised keeping it free from rust and enabling the car to retain it's looks that are not out of place today. It was a full five seater (with the 5th person sitting on the bump in the rear seat) and being a hatchback, also had a practical amount of boot space (would have been even bigger but for the full size spare wheel).

Standard equipment included anti-lock brakes, power steering, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, fog lights, rear wash/wipe, velour upholstery, and Auto check system for essentials and three gauges (oil temperature, oil pressure and volts) mounted at the bottom of the centre console. Options included, Procon-ten safety system, trip computer, leather upholstery, air conditioning and headlamp washers.

The engine transmitted it's 170 bhp and 162lb.ft of torque through a 5 speed gearbox to the quattro drive system with it's Torsen centre differential. This allowed the torque to be split automatically 75:25 front to rear or vice versa depending upon available grip.

Performance was respectable rather than shattering with 0-60mph taking 8.1 seconds and then onto a top speed of 137 mph. Economical driving could yield mpg's in the mid 30's on normal unleaded but overall around 30 was more realistic giving a reasonable range from it's 15.5 gallon tank.

The lifespan of the car was all too brief as it was phased out in 1992. A total of 503 were sold in this time (1989 - 80, 1990 - 322, 1991 -100, 1992 - 1.

This is the third Audi I have owned and so far, the best. I had a 1985 Coupe GT (2.2 KV Engine) and also a Coupe GT (2.0 JS engine), all 5 cylinders. I have found my latest Audi most pleasant to drive on short or long journeys. However, I cannot complain about the older coupe's, they also covered the miles comfortably. The main factor with the newer car is the grip from the quattro drive train.

I bought the car in April 2000. With it's 170 bhp 20 valve 5 cylinder engine and Torsen controlled 4WD system, it is a joy to drive and to listen to (especially since having a Custom made stainless steel exhaust built and fitted by RMS Engineering - see Links).

The car is not quick by today's standards (after all, it is 14 years old) but it has more than enough usable power for everyday use and the traction from the 4WD system is amazing making it safe and sure footed, even in the snow on normal road tyres! I have experienced track sessions in an S2 Coupe (thanks Mike!) and also, recently, I was not only given a ride in an Ur quattro (MB engine), I was also permitted to drive it. I was an unforgettable experience and it will be several weeks before the grin leaves my face (Thanks again Ged)! Both of these turbocharged beauties make my normally aspirated coupe look pedestrian.

The chassis and 4WD system of the Coupe is similar to it's more powerful cousin, the 230bhp S2 Coupe so 170 bhp is easily handled. Indeed, some have felt the car feels dull and could do with more power to make it feel more interesting. It is not a true family car, although the boot will hold a child's buggy and essentials or a set of golf clubs with trolley making it reasonably practical. They are not the cheapest cars to run but are not extortionate either thanks to after market spares companies and a wealth of information from members of the Audi Owners Club,  and the like.  (see the Gallery for more pictures)


What have I done to my quattro ?

Work Done


 Bought the car from an ad in Autotrader.  April 2000
 Front wishbone bushes replaced,  4 Wheel laser alignment performed  April 2000
 O/S front wheel bearing replaced  June 2000
 New discs and pads all round, K&N air filter element fitted, new fuel filter  August 2000
 Fitted Ford handbrake springs in place of standard ones.  Feb 2001
 New Tyres all round. BF Goodrich Profiler G's  March 2001
 New tie rod ends and 4 wheel alignment  March 2001
 Stainless Steel Exhaust fitted (RMS Engineering, Prestwick)  March 2001
 O/S rear brake caliper replaced  April 2001
 Gearbox and diff oils renewed  May 2001
 New water temperature sender unit fitted  July 2001
 New front shock absorber inserts and top mounts  August 2001
 New plug leads, rotor arm and dizzy cap  November 2001
 Hydraulic oil changed (G002000)  February 2002
 Changed brake fluid (DOT 5.1)  February 2002
 O/S Front cv boot replaced  April 2002
 Wheels refurbished (Premier Wheels, Milnathort 01577 864100)  April 2002

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 New air intake hose fitted June 2002
 New rear diff bush fitted June 2002
 Brake accumulator replaced July 2002
 Fully synthetic oil used (Quantum Gold) August 2002
 Front pads changed (Pagid  - GSF) September 2002
 Front Discs changed (Zimmerman - standard - GSF) November 2002
 Side repeater indicator (broke the old one polishing it) November 2002
 Tie rod end replaced November 2002
 New Top mounts and tie rods. February 2003
 Cam Belt, Water Pump, Idler , Thermostat, Aux Belts March 2003
 Stone chips touched up April 2003
 Fitted Door rings April 2003
 Front bottom ball joints changed May 2003
 4 wheel alignment done June 2003
 Sold to buy my next quattro August 2003