After 2 years of being quattro-less, I have just bought a 1995 80 quattro Avant. It really is true that once you've had quattro, you never want to be without it. Since the loss of my S2, I have really missed the safety and security of quattro drive. This winter has reinforced that and so the hunt was on.  An example was found thanks to a fellow AOC member and the deal has been done.

Click on the pictures above to go to each car.

The Coupe quattro 20V was, and still is, an excellent car. It gave me my first taste of quattro traction and performance and that will never be lost on me. The other thing I will never forget it the sound of that 7A engine. It was even more soul stirring than the S2!

The S2 was the pinnacle of 5 cylinder development with the ABY engine being the last of the 20V turbo in line 5's. It had 60 BHP more than the 7A but it was the sheer drivability that made it impressive. The torque of the motor was amazing and the car would pull cleanly from 30mph in 6th gear !!! Acceleration also gained a boost too, literally via the turbocharger!

The 80 saloon (Project Titan) is about as far removed from the above two cars as you could possible guess. It is a base model B4 Audi 80 with a 1.6 ADA engine. Trim is entry level so there are no frills and it does not even have the split folding rear seats that other B4 80's enjoy. It's one saving grace it it is economical, especially compared to it's more powerful cousins above. Like all Audi's of that age, it is extremely strong and VERY reliable. It has never let me down nor failed to start, even in the coldest winter I've ever experienced! Neither did it get stuck, although on more than one occasion it was an Audi Bobsleigh rather than a car!

The 80 quattro Avant is the 2.6 V6 model. I have bought it and had my first taste of V6 power. It is extremely smooth and refined.

I will be keeping a running diary on here as per the other cars.