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I still cannot really believe I sold my S2 and there isn't a minutes driving when I don't miss it. However, family needs had to come first (I think). It has gone to a new owner who is taking good care of it and so that is some consolation.

For now I have an 1994 Audi 80 1.6. This is about as far removed from an S2 as you can get and still retain the 4 rings. No, it isn't even a quattro! However, it is very economical compared to the S2 (I have to justify it to myself somehow).

It does have a certain something and that is it is so easy to work on. I acquired it at the beginning of March (Thanks Darren) with 143000 miles on the clock and now, in just over twelve months, it has passed 154,000!

It needed some TLC and a good service to make it roadworthy but little else. In addition to that, I have installed a few comforts including Half-Leather sports seats (Thanks Mike), sports steering wheel, JVC Radio/CD/Mp3 player, new rear speakers (standard ones had failed).

In looking up information on this car I discovered Europe had a 2.0 16v 80 quattro special edition called the 80 Competition. It is a stunning looking car so I have made it a mission to make mine look like an 80 Competition.

As a start, the door mirrors have been colour coded (Thanks Jason) along with the bump strips and door handles. I then bought, sprayed and fitted a V6 Coupe front bumper (Thanks again Mike) and Coupe headlights. The Front fogs are wired in using an OEM loom so they work as they would factory fitted! The next stage was to buy, paint and fit an S2 Avant rear bumper. The final part was to spray and fit an Audi aluminium boot spoiler that I had been given (Thanks Mark) and the exterior was now largely done.

Most 80 Competition's seem to have a 6 spoke type wheel of 16" diameter. These proved to be hard to find until a colleague in work asked if I was looking for some alloys. One look and I was amazed to see a recently refurbished set of Competition alloys. These were quickly purchased and then shod with new 205 x 55 x 16 Vredstein Sportrac 3 tyres. Shortly afterwards, I managed to but a brand new 80 Competition wheel off ebay as a spare.

MOT for 2009 required a new catalytic converter and a Jetex S/Steel exhaust was fitted at the same time. This has given the car a slightly sportier sound but hasn't made any difference to performance or fuel economy. The lambda probe was changed at the same time.

After that, I fitted the three auxiliary gauges and wired them in so have fully functional oil temperature, oil pressure and voltage gauges. These are situated in a custom pod where the centre vents usually are. I have never seen the point of having these gauges down by the gear stick which makes viewing them dangerous.

My 80 now looks pretty much like an 80 Competition but I do miss the quattro drive. I am told it is possible to convert the FWD 80 to quattro but I don't think I will go to this expense.  So far, the car is economical and reliable so I will leave it alone mechanically for the time being.


What have I done to my 80 ?

Work Done


 Acquired the car from a work colleague (Thanks Darren) March 2008
 Two new front tyres Goodyear Hydragrip March 2008
 New rear flexi brake pipe March 2008
 Clear side repeaters fitted March 2003
 MOT March 2003
 Replaced Front seats with sports seats (Thanks Mike) March 2008
 Oil and filter change March 2008
 Air and Pollen filters changed March 2008
 Spark plugs changed March 2008
 Fitted Halfords 30% brighter bulbs to headlamps March 2008
 Full interior clean out March 2008
 Repaired boot loom March 2008
 New gear shift gaiter fitted (Thanks Eric) April 2008
 New radio aerial fitted (Thanks Andy) April 2008
 Replaced thermostat and renewed coolant April 2008
 Colour coded wing mirros fitted (Thanks Jas/Geoff) May 2008
 New radio fitted (Thanks John) May 2008
 New rear speakers bought and fitted May 2008
 Rear bumper resprayed (self) May 2008
 Audi 80 "Competition" alloys bought (Thanks Dave) May 2008
 New Vredstein Sportrac 3 tyres bought for alloys May 2008
 Boot spoiler painted and fitted (Thanks Mark) May 2008
V6 Coupe front bumper sprayed and fitted (Thanks Mike)

September 2008

Front fog lights fitted and wired using OEM Loom September 2008
Coupe headlamps fitted September 2008
New cambelt and Tensioner fitted (Thanks Eric)

Ocotber 2008

New Cat, lambda probe, rear flexi brake pipe and front shocks changed for MOT

March 2009

Auxhillary gauges fitted and wired in.

April 2009

Breather pipe replaced

June 2009

New plugs, plug leads, distributor cap and rotor arm fitted

July 2009