My 20 valve Coupe quattro was (and no doubt still is) a good car. It never let me down, it covered long journeys with easy and, even in the depths of winter, never failed to get me home. However, good as it was, it was not the pinnacle of Audi's 5 cylinder engineering and I always wanted a "proper" quattro (Ur). Looking into this made me think deeper. Years of watching the rally quattros etched them deep into my soul but they had very little to do with practicality. Yes the road car will carry 5 up but you can only take a lunch box each for luggage!

A good friend of mine owned an S2 Coupe. I already liked the shape, it's not that different to the CQ20V, but had never really thought about their performance. My first journey was a short run when we met up for a coffee and a chat regarding Audi Owners Club issues. I was impressed. The next journey was a much longer acquaintance when we travelled from Scotland to Tatton Park for a show. I was amazed how secure the car felt even though it was chucking it down and we weren't hanging about. Could this be even better than a Ur (and yes I have driven a Ur....or should that be an Ur?).

Now I know the discussion can rage for days about is the Ur better than the S2 and yes I accept the S2 will never be the icon that the Ur is but does that mean it's not a better car ? I think not. The ABY engine in the S2 represents the last evolution of the 5 cylinder 20v turbo motor and Audi do not do things by halves so is, for me, the ultimate engine.

As for the car itself, it has not aged and does not look out of place in today's era of computer generated cars. It will carry 5 comfortably along with a reasonable amount of luggage thanks to the hatchback. The 6 speed box is notchy (a feature I like) for some but 6th on the motor way is so smooth and simply eats up the miles whist the 230bhp motor driving all 4 wheels will return a whisker over 30mpg!

Like many older cars it has it's faults but technology moves on and we tend to forget just how far ahead of it's time it was when new. Even the famed Mr Clarkson deemed the Audi S2...."the best car in Britain" (Clarkson on Cars - page 166) and I do not consider him to be Audi's greatest fan (until he drove the new RS4 anyway).

In conclusion, and this is only my opinion (well it is my website), I say the S2 is a better car than the Ur and I am extremely happy I chose to go for one rather than the Ur. This does not mean the Ur isn't a great car, just the S2 is better!


What have I done to my S2 ?

Work Done


 Bought the car from a local garage August 2003
 Changed tyres to Goodyear F1 DSG3's August 2003
 New Cam Cover gasket fitted August 2003
 Clear side repeaters fitted October 2003
 Changed suspension springs (standard springs) October 2003
 New Top Mounts fitted (Blue) October 2003
 Recored Auxiliary radiator November 2003
 New LED backlight for Temperature display January 2004
 Replaced Wiper control stalk January 2004
 Fitted Philips Power Plus Bulbs to headlamps February 2004
 New Wastegate control Solenoid fitted February 2004
 New discs (Tarox grooved) & Pads (Pagid) February 2004
 Replaced oil with Quantum Syntha Gold (Fully Synthetic) February 2004
 Replaced Thermostat, coolant (Audi G12+) and brake fluid (Lucas DOT 5.1) February 2004
 Replaced oil pressure gauge sender & oil pressure switch March 2004
 MOT passed April 2004
 Nearside front flexi brake pipe replaced April 2004
 New battery fitted (Lucas UK) September 2004
 New Evap valve fitted on engine breather system November 2004
 Oil (Millers 5w50)and filter change; air filter changed November 2004
 Replaced wheels and tyres (Avus originals and Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 tyres) February 2005
 Fitted new windscreen washer pump February 2005
 Fitted new rear discs and pads March 2005
 Fitted new cam cover gasket March 2005
 Fitted new dump valve (standard) March 2005
 Fitted new O/S front balljoint May 2005
 Fitted new grill badge May 2005
 Fitted new Spark plugs September 2005
 Fitted new front anti roll bar drop links September 2005
 Changed oil (Millers 10w60 Competition) and filter October 2005
 Fitted new bleed valve to breather system February 2006
 Fitted new front brake discs and pads March 2006
 Fitted new rear ARB drop links March 2006
 Fitted replacement exhaust March 2006
 Replaced front inserts, top mounts and o/s flex brake hose March 2006
 Cleaned MAF & Intercooler April 2006
 Replaced fuel filter and lambda probe May 2006
 Replaced top water hose June 2006
 Fitted HID headlamp conversion June 2006
 Replaced interior mats (Thanks Mike) June 2006
 Replaced Multi function temperature sender September 2006
 Replaced standard brakes with Porsche 993 brakes October 2006
 Replaced Tyres - Goodyear eagle F1 GSD3's January 2007
 Changed oil and filter February 2007
 Changed Pollen Filter February 2007
 Changed roof aerial March 2007
 Changed plug connectors March 2007
 Changed PS Pump and hydraulic fluid April 2007
 Replaced Turbo May 2007
 Replaced Cam Cover May 2007
 Oil and Filter Change (Shell Super Helix Semi Synth) May 2007
 Air filter changed May 2007
 Cooling Fan After run relay changed September 2007
 Fuel pipes replaced November 2007
 Number plate light bulbs replaced November 2007

Sold - 29th February 2008