CQ20V S2 80 1.6 80 quattro 20v Fabia vRS

A change of circumstances means that I am no longer an Audi owner. This mainly due not having the time to provide the TLC that older Audis tend to need. It's a shame as I have been connected with the marque for many years and, until earlier this year, active in the Audi Owners Club. I have moved on from that too.

In a way, I am back to my roots. I came in contact with Audi from my love of rallying (watching rather than participating sadly) and now it seems Skoda are upholding that part of the VAG motorsport activities. My new steed is a Fabia VRS diesel. It's a surprising little car. Fun but with the added bonus of being considerably cheaper to run (in terms of insurance, road tax and fuel). I hope it will be as reliable as other Skoda's I have known and thus will require less input from me.

My 80 quattro Avant 20v has found a new home and I'm sure will be seen around in due course.

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